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AAP helps pediatricians close gaps in care through MOC portfolio program :

July 25, 2017

Quality improvement (QI) has been shown to be an effective tool to translate evidence into clinical practice and bridge gaps in care. The Academy supports pediatricians and their care teams in QI to ensure “every child gets the right care every time.”

Engaging in QI work also is a requirement to maintain board certification from the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). The ABP granted the Academy portfolio sponsorship status, which allows the Academy to evaluate QI activities and approve projects internally for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 credit.

All projects submitted through the portfolio program must:

  • follow the standards set forth by the ABP,
  • have direct oversight from the AAP national office (i.e., an AAP group must be meaningfully involved in the design and implementation of the project),
  • be submitted for approval via an AAP MOC Part 4 application, and
  • monitor physician participation and provide ongoing reports.

Judith C. Dolins, M.P.H., AAP senior vice president for community and chapter affairs and quality improvement, acknowledges that finding meaningful and relevant QI activities can be a challenge.

“Making and sustaining changes in practice is hard work, and the Academy can offer assistance,” she said. “Whether it’s participating in one of our existing QI activities or creating a QI project from scratch, we can help identify the right solution.”

QI opportunities

The Academy has a vast menu of QI activities that offer MOC Part 4 points for primary care pediatricians and subspecialists as a member benefit. These activities offer opportunities for a variety of learners, including those interested in projects that are self-directed, collaborative or more academic in nature.

  • Collaborative learning – QI networks employ a collaborative model, where multiple practices or sites work together to improve care. Examples include the Value in Inpatient Pediatrics Network and the Chapter Quality Network as well as grant-funded activities. To view a list of open projects, visit
  • PediaLink QI – This web-based tool provides a turnkey solution for small groups interested in conducting a QI project. PediaLink QI provides a project workspace, data collection tools and surveys, and real-time run charts. Projects are proposed and led by volunteer pediatricians, and pediatric professionals from around the country can participate. Projects are worth 25 MOC Part 4 points. To learn more, visit
  • Education in Quality Improvement for Pediatric Practices (EQIPP) – For members seeking self-directed learning, the EQIPP program offers online courses on asthma, Bright Futures, eliminating tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke, hypertension identification and management, immunizations, judicious use of antibiotics, medical home and oral health. Successful completion earns members 25 MOC Part 4 points. To learn more, visit
  • Poster and platform presentations at the 2018 AAP National Conference & Exhibition – Peer-reviewed poster or platform presentations describing a QI project that are presented at a council or section H program at the 2018 AAP National Conference & Exhibition may be eligible for 25 MOC Part 4 points. Information about this opportunity will be sent to sections and councils this fall.

Development of new QI projects

Member-developed and led QI projects provide opportunities for members, sections, councils and chapters to connect with groups around the Academy, become champions for improvement and engage in leadership roles. AAP portfolio staff can provide guidance and mentorship related to the ABP standards, project setup and implementation.

To support QI projects sponsored by the Academy and chapters, the Academy offers access to its Quality Improvement Data Aggregator. This web-based system provides a unified structure for the collection, analysis and reporting of data for QI projects. Over 4,500 participants and 33 chapter-level projects have used the system to date.

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