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AAP modernizes advanced search for quick, accurate results :

December 5, 2018

Finding AAP information online has become a lot faster with a new advanced search.

The AAP tidied up its digital presence to help busy members find what they need on Academy websites. The advanced search will save time when looking up information on,,, and other practice and patient solutions pages.

Keep or toss?

If you’ve ever searched through a pile of papers for a bill or record, you appreciate the art of organization. Digital information also needs organizing.

The AAP removed outdated information that is no longer useful and reorganized where resources are stored. The digital clean-up will keep fresh, relevant content at the forefront of the advanced search.

New look, familiar feel

The AAP advanced search has the feel of a PubMed search. Modern technology does the work of Boolean searching for you.

Boolean logic is a type of searching that uses logical relationships among search terms. (Learn more at the Library of Medicine:

For example, a search for car seats AND booster seats returns all AAP materials on car seats and booster seats. Replace AND with OR and you will get materials with either car seats or booster seats. Use NOT instead of OR and you will get car seats but not booster seats. This is just a basic example of an initial Boolean advanced search using more than one keyword.

When you use the drop-down category menus, the advanced search automatically fills in the search query to add, eliminate or narrow your topic.

To broaden or narrow advanced searches more, use the filter boxes on the left side of the page after the first advanced search. As you narrow your search, the filter choices will change to help you locate the most specific information.

For example, select search filters such as date, type, price and product type. Or use the dropdown menu and select topics such as Shop, News or All AAP.

All relevant search topics are displayed, even those that require subscription/login.

Do-it-yourselfers still have the option to use the search bar to enter keywords, Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and query modifiers such as parentheses, asterisks and quotation marks.

In the new year, the AAP will continue to remove outdated information and enhance the membership directory.

Stay up to date on the AAP Digital Transformation activities at

Secrets to a great online search. Step one: Start with a phrase, not a single word, to extract information. Step two: Drill down. Check filters. Search again. Step three: Look at new filters. Continue searching or select from results.



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