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AAP releases Annual Leadership Forum's Top 10 resolutions :

March 17, 2016

AAP leaders voted a late resolution on Medicaid parity as the top resolution at the Annual Leadership Forum (ALF) last weekend.

The resolution called for Medicaid payment parity for the children of Puerto Rico and all U.S. territories.

Other leading issues in the Top 10 list addressed nonmedical exemptions for immunization and the rights of undocumented children, including the well-being of those detained by U.S. officials. Last year’s top priority issue also concerned the needs of undocumented children.

Voting members called for supporting pediatricians who discharge families who refuse to immunize and supporting the provision of sexual health services to adolescents. In addition, the leaders prioritized resolutions on mandatory child-resistant packaging for marijuana products and firearm safety research.

The top resolutions were voted on by 76% of the 207 eligible voting members present.

This year marked the second time members could comment on ALF resolutions online.

The AAP Board of Directors considers the resolutions to be advisory, though some may result in AAP initiatives.

Following are the Top 10 resolutions:

  • Medicaid Parity for the Children of Puerto Rico and all United States Territories
  • AAP Policy Statement on Personal Belief (Non-Medical) Exemptions for Immunizations
  • Supporting Pediatricians Who Discharge Families Who Refuse to Immunize
  • AAP Support Planned Parenthood’s and Other Providers’ Missions to Provide Critical Sexual Health Care Services to Adolescents
  • Protecting the Rights of Children Born to Unauthorized Immigrants in the United States
  • Protecting the Well-being of All Undocumented Immigrant Children Detained by United States Officials
  • Mandatory Child Resistant Packaging for all Marijuana (Including Edibles) Sold in States Which Have Legalized Recreational or Medicinal Marijuana
  • AAP Participation and Advocacy for Firearm Safety Research
  • Creation of a Center for Physician and Other Health Care Provider Resiliency
  • Reducing the High Cost of Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

Look to the May issue of AAP News for additional coverage of the 2016 ALF.

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