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AAP working to place positive focus on online immunization information :

October 11, 2019

Courtesy of Heather Hazzan, Self magazine

The volume of online immunization information can be overwhelming for families. By advocating for responsible communications within the internet community, the AAP is making strides to improve parents’ access to accurate information so they can feel good about making sure their children receive all of their immunizations.

After AAP President Kyle E. Yasuda, M.D., FAAP, sent letters urging major technology companies to combat vaccine misinformation online, Pinterest launched a new search experience to promote accurate vaccine information.

Other high-traffic online sites and social media organizations are shifting their approach to ensure that evidence-based results appear at the top of online searches.

To improve the public’s view of vaccines, a free digital library portrays positive images of people and immunizations. The collaboration between the AAP and Self magazine includes original images that can be used in print, broadcast or online publications or shared on social media by anyone.

Dina DiMaggio Walters, M.D., FAAP, provided guidance during a professional session that resulted in photos of smiling physicians and patients and portrays appropriate immunization administration techniques.

Access the library via the AAP website, Photos should include a credit line: Heather Hazzan, Self magazine.

To ease access for media outlets, hospitals, public health departments and other organizations, the AAP and Self also have added the free images to Flickr and licensed them through Creative Commons.

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