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Academy supporting Texas families after Hurricane Harvey :

August 29, 2017

The Academy is working closely with the Texas Pediatric Society to aid families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

AAP President Fernando Stein, M.D., FAAP, who has been practicing in Houston for the past 35 years, underscored that commitment in a statement Tuesday.

“Over the past few days here in Houston, I have been awed by the medical community’s efforts to ensure that our most vulnerable residents are safe and have access to life-saving services,” Dr. Stein said. “Together, we will continue to support one another and help the children and families impacted by Hurricane Harvey recover and rebuild their lives.”

Children are vulnerable to both physical and psychological impacts from the storm and need the comfort of family.

As a pediatrician, I know that children fare best when they are surrounded by loving, nurturing adults, so it's critical that families remain together during rescue and recovery efforts,” Dr. Stein said. “This includes families of immigrants. We must reassure immigrant communities that our first concern is for their safety and well-being.”

The Academy has information on disaster preparedness and flooding. Information for parents on includes how to talk to children about disasters, the need for parents to take care of themselves during disasters, and recovering from flash floods.

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