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Action item: Update My Account security question on

March 1, 2021

The AAP has updated security questions on My Account. All members are asked to visit their My Account page on and choose their preferred question and answer. The AAP also is urging everyone to review and update profile and membership directory information.

My Account

Choosing and answering security questions serves an important purpose. Security questions can help confirm that the person requesting help with an account is linked to the account.

Here is how to update security questions and answers:

Member profile, member directory

All members have a listing in the member directory and a profile. The AAP is urging everyone to review and verify both areas.

The member profile includes personal, professional and contact information. Go to My Account and select Profile to edit, delete and mark primary and preferred settings.

The member directory is where all members go to search for other members’ contact information. To update member directory information, visit My Account and click on the directory preferences link. Here, you can choose whether to list your practice, view a search preview (what other people see about you in a directory search) and edit your directory contact information.

Still have questions? Contact Member and Customer Care at or 866-843-2271.

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