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App lets you share cases securely, learn from others :

September 19, 2016

Physicians, other medical professionals and medical students can share and discuss medical images and clinical cases using a free app called MedShr.

ECGs, scans, X-rays, and patient photos and videos are among the images that can be shared on the secure, private network. MedShr features an in-app patient consent form and system for anonymizing images.

Users can set up a profile to designate their area of interest/specialty and follow clinical cases they find interesting. They also can create a case, obtain consent and start a discussion securely from their mobile device. Privacy settings of postings can be controlled so they are sent just to colleagues or with health care professionals around the world.

MedShr is free and available for both iOS ( and Android ( platforms. For more information, visit

If you would like to share a first-hand experience using technology, such as software, program, app, widget, etc., to improve patient care or practice management, email submissions of 250 words or less to Cathleen Guch at

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