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Come to Chicago for CME, holiday cheer this December :

October 28, 2016

Cap off the year with continuing medical education in the Second City. The Swissotel Chicago hosts Practical Pediatrics, Dec. 9-11.

Don’t miss a special Friday session on Office Emergency Preparedness and Skills (pre-registrant ticket required) presented by Susan Fuchs, M.D., FACEP, FAAP.

Other course highlights include:

  • “Who Decides? Issues Around Adolescent Confidentiality and Informed Consent,” with Elizabeth M. Alderman, M.D., FSAHM, FAAP, who will review ethics of decision-making by adolescents and laws about confidential health care provision. Dr. Alderman also will present “Long Acting Reversible Contraception” and “Breast Disorders in Adolescents.”
  • “Too Many Faces of Acne,” with Michael L. Smith, M.D., FAAD, FAAP, will demonstrate an algorithmic acne treatment approach and how to select the best combination of medications based on acne severity and patient age. Dr. Smith also will present “Rash Decisions: What on Earth is That Rash?” “What’s Bugging This Child? Cutaneous Infections and Infestations” and “Topical Therapy: Which Goo and When to Use It.
  • “Common Problems of the Genitalia: Perils of the Penis, Groans from the Groin, with Michael Keating, M.D., FAAP, will review risks and benefits of circumcision and identify how to optimize outcomes. The session also will cover the six common causes of testicular pain and teach how to differentiate testicular torsion. Dr. Keating also will present “Urinary Rocks for Kiddie Docs” and “The Child Who Wets: What’s a Doctor to Do?”
  • “Maternal Immunization,” with Kathryn M. Edwards, M.D., FAAP, will explain fundamentals of maternal antibody transport across the placenta and in breast milk, studies of vaccines in pregnant women and impact of maternal antibody on infant immune responses. Dr. Edwards also will present “Pertussis Prevention: New Insights and Challenges” and “Pneumonia: Etiology, Rates of Disease and Management.”
  • “Integrative and Alternative Treatments for Headaches,” with Thomas K. Koch, M.D., FAAN, will cover nonpharmacologic therapies such as acupuncture, behavioral therapies, herbals and supplements. Dr. Koch also will present “Headache Video Case Studies” and “Seizure Disorder Treatments: Update on Drugs, Diet, Devices.”
  • “Raising Your Knowledge of Lower Back Pain in Young Athletes,” with Chris G. Koutures, M.D., FAAP, will explain history, examination and indications for imaging. Dr. Koutures also will present “Scoring Goals by Increasing Knowledge of Soccer-related Injuries” and “Physical Examination of the Ankle.”

Earn a maximum of 17.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits for the course and an additional 10 Maintenance of Certification Part 2 points. Register by Nov. 9 for early bird rates.

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