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FYI: AAP Equity Agenda webpage

January 1, 2021

A new webpage addresses how the AAP Equity Agenda will guide the Academy’s efforts in achieving health equity and actualizing goals to become an equitable, diverse and inclusive organization.

The AAP Equity Agenda sets forth explicit and intentional action to support the Academy’s commitment to ensuring that equity, diversity and inclusion permeate all aspects of its functioning. Members can review the Year 1 Workplan at

The Equity Agenda is composed of five domains: Internal Processes, Education, Leadership, Clinical Practice and Policy & Advocacy. Detailed information is provided on the webpage about goals for each domain, accompanying objectives and proposed year-one action items. The goals are:

  1. Implement organizational change necessary to eliminate racism and promote equity, diversity and inclusion (Internal Processes).
  2. Equip members with knowledge and skills to address equity, diversity and inclusion (Education).
  3. Strengthen and diversify the pipeline to pediatrics and AAP leadership (Leadership).
  4. Equip members with the knowledge, skills and capacity to advance health equity and combat racism through clinical practice (Clinical Practice).
  5. Advance the AAP Equity Agenda through advocacy and policy development (Policy & Advocacy).

The Equity Agenda was built on recommendations from the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion and Task Force on Addressing Bias and Discrimination. The AAP Board Committee on Equity is monitoring implementation of the agenda.

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