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FYI: Antibiotic Awareness Week, award nominations, and more :

November 8, 2018

Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotics are the focus of a weeklong observance, Nov. 12-18, that aims to support appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use and reduce resistance.

Antibiotic resistance is broadly attributed to overuse in communities, health care facilities and in farm animals. Therefore, an array of partners are reaching out to their communities to raise awareness for the annual observance. The AAP is among collaborators on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention campaign.

The 2018 Red Bookoutlines areas in which medical providers can support appropriate and judicious antimicrobial use:

  • Confirm infections when treating urinary tract infections and bacterial pneumonia.
  • Follow standardized processes for obtaining cultures and tests before administering antimicrobial agents.
  • Be aware of antibiograms and resistance patterns.
  • Be prompt with initiating therapy and providing accurate documentation of indication, dose, timing and therapy duration.
  • Pause antibiotic therapy to assess response in hospitalized patients.
  • Seek infectious disease consultations for difficult cases.

Find details about these key areas at

Call for nominations

Jan. 15 is the deadline to submit nominations for the AAP Council on Communications and Media Holroyd-Sherry Award.

The Academy will recognize one Fellow whose outstanding contributions have demonstrated that media influence on child and adolescent health is an important public health issue. Nominees’ work in advocacy, legislation, research, or professional or public education should address and/or suggest solutions to the health implications raised by child and adolescent use of media.

The award is named in honor of H. James Holroyd, M.D., FAAP, and S. Norman Sherry, M.D., FAAP, who called attention to the influence of mass media on the health and well-being of children and adolescents.

Access nomination materials at Questions? Call Deandra Galarde, in the AAP Department of Advocacy and External Affairs, at 630-696-6177, or email

Abstract deadlines

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