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FYI: Congenital heart disease support :

February 5, 2018

Congenital heart disease used to be a fatal childhood disease. Now, more than 80% of patients survive into adulthood.

In states that have mandated infant screening for critical congenital heart disease using pulse oximetry, infant deaths due to the disease have declined by 33%, according to a recent study of 2007-’13 data. If all states mandated screening, 120 infant lives would be saved annually.

Pediatricians are likely to be asked about screening patients for critical congenital heart defects. The Academy offers answers to frequently asked questions and resources at

Pediatricians can be teen patients’ advocates as they transition to adulthood. The Academy and the Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium offer resources, including assessments for transitioning to adult care and educational materials, at

To advocate for your patients, join the call to action day on Feb. 5 via Twitter and Instagram by following #CHDcare4life.

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