Changes to procedure codes continue in the surgery, radiology, and medicine sections of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) 2016. The following changes are effective January 1, 2016:

A new code, 69209, has been added for reporting the practice expense of removing impacted cerumen without instrumentation. Do not report code 69209 for removal of nonimpacted cerumen. Removal of cerumen that is not impacted is not a separately reportable service.

Note that like code 69210, code 69209 is reported for a unilateral service. Modifier 50 (bilateral procedure) is appended when the service is performed bilaterally. Be sure to check with your payers for any policies that contradict this.

(For bilateral procedure, report 69209 with modifier 50) (For removal of impacted cerumen requiring instrumentation, use 69210)

(Do not report 69209 in conjunction with 69210 when performed on the same ear)

(For cerumen removal that is not impacted,...

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