Time-based evaluation and management (E/M) services that require no face-to-face time by a physician or qualified health care professional (QHCP) include telephone, medical team conference without the patient/caregiver present, care plan oversight, and interprofessional telephone/Internet consultations. Each service category has specific prefatory instructions for accurate reporting. It is important to consult your coding reference and payer policies when reporting these services. See also Chapter 11 of Coding for Pediatrics 2016 for more information on non–face-to-face services. Some examples include

Note the code descriptors for these services provide the complete range of time for each code. If the time spent and documented is less than the lower time in the code descriptor, the service is not reported.

Similarly, physician participation in a medical team conference without the presence of the patient or caregiver is reported once for 30 minutes or more of physician participation, as shown in the code descriptor.


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