Can you determine the appropriate codes for reporting the care management services in the following examples?

Dr Joe at ABC Pediatric Clinic is the primary care pediatrician for 18-month-old Izzy, who has cystic fibrosis with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and failure to thrive. Dr Joe’s clinical coordinator, Jill, works with Izzy’s mother to coordinate care by her occupational therapist, nutritionist, gastroenterologist, and pulmonologist in addition to primary care and early intervention services. Jill also consults with the practice’s social worker and various community agencies to find assistance for Izzy and her family as needed.

Izzy has difficulty eating enough calories to gain weight and grow, but her parents have been reluctant to begin tube feeding. In the month of December, Jill documented 10 minutes spent speaking with Izzy’s mother about continued difficulties with Izzy’s inability to gain weight, the stress of trying to encourage Izzy to eat more, and concerns about...

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