Beginning January 1, 2018, new codes will be implemented for reporting radiologic examination (x-rays) of the chest or abdomen. Codes no longer describe specific views but instead describe the number of views. Do not report new codes prior to the January 1 implementation date.

Nine codes for chest radiographs (71010–71035) with specific views are deleted in 2018 and replaced by 4 codes (71045–71048) that specify only the number of views. New codes 71045 and 71046 are bundled with critical care services, just as 71010 and 71015 have been. Parenthetical instructions on computer-aided detection performed in conjunction with chest radiographs are updated to reflect the new codes for chest radiographs.

Additionally, codes 71023 and 71034 (chest radiograph with fluoroscopy) are deleted and replaced with an instruction to report the appropriate new code for radiographs of the chest based on the number of views obtained and either code...

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