Can you assign the appropriate diagnosis and procedure codes to the following scenarios in which the same patient receives care on 4 dates of service?

Jewel is a new 13-year-old female patient with complaint of coughing and shortness of breath when running or participating in other aerobic exercise. The patient recently began running in anticipation of trying out for her school’s cross-country team but found herself coughing and feeling like it was difficult to catch her breath after the first 10 to 15 minutes of running. Symptoms are worse for a short period after the patient stops exercising and last for an hour or two. On 2 occasions, symptoms have reoccurred on the next day.

Past medical history: Seasonal allergies, mostly in late summer and fall; sprains and other minor injuries sustained in gymnastics and dance. Immunizations are up-to-date. Patient has no known allergies. Her last preventive examination was 10...

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