There is no standard that requires a specific flow rate of oxygen by HFNC to support that treatment was critical care. Smaller neonates may require lower flow than larger neonates. The important consideration for critical care services is whether the HFNC is used to generate continuous positive airway pressure to counteract respiratory failure. Documentation of use of HFNC to counteract respiratory failure supports the requirements for critical care services as outlined by Current Procedural Terminology®: “Critical care involves high complexity decision making to assess, manipulate, and support vital system function(s) to treat single or multiple vital organ system failure and/or to prevent further life threatening deterioration of the patient’s condition.”

No. The codes for depression screening are reported once per standardized instrument, as indicated in the code descriptors. (Code selection will vary based on payer policy.)

The completion of 2 instruments to screen for maternal depression would not...

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