Can you assign the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology® and International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification codes to the following encounters?

A 4-year-old girl (established patient) presents to the pediatric clinic for follow-up of a repaired laceration of the forehead on April 3. The laceration required intermediate repair in the emergency department by an emergency medicine physician on April 1. History indicates the child was injured when she fell from a chair, hitting the corner of a table. The child’s mother indicates that her child has had no fever and no current complaints of headache or other pain and is sleeping and eating well. On examination, the child is afebrile and well appearing, though fearful about examination of the wound. The wound is found to be healing well without signs of infection. Instructions for continued care are given and return for suture removal is scheduled.

Diagnoses listed by...

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