Can you assign the appropriate International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification and Current Procedural Terminology® codes for the following scenario? See answers elsewhere in this newsletter.

Baby Joe was born at 37 weeks, 1 day by vaginal delivery on March 1 at Good Care Hospital. Dr Sam provides initial newborn care to Baby Joe late on March 1 with findings that Baby Joe’s mother had hyperglycemia during pregnancy but was not overtly diabetic. Labor and delivery records are unremarkable. Diagnosis is normal newborn.

On March 2, Dr Sam receives laboratory reports indicating hypoglycemia. Baby Joe is examined and is asymptomatic. Dr Sam requests a consultation from Dr Sue, a neonatologist. Dr Sue performs a detailed history and detailed examination and recommends more frequent feeding and rechecking blood glucose before feeds until 4 consecutive preprandial glucose concentrations are greater than 60 mg/dL. Dr Sue documents her findings and...

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