ICD-10-CM: Twin of Stillborn

Report code Z38.01 (single live-born infant, delivered by cesarean section) for care of the newborn. International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) does not include a code that indicates the live-born neonate would have had a mate(s) but for a stillbirth. On the mother’s chart, code Z37.3 (twins, one live-born and one stillborn) will be used to indicate the outcome of delivery, but never use a code from category Z37 for care of a neonate.

ICD-10-CM: Well-child Vision and Hearing Screening

No, Z01.00 and Z01.01 and Z01.10 and Z01.11 are reported only for routine examination of eyes and vision or ears and hearing, and not when a screening is done during a routine well-child (health supervision) examination. For infants older than 28 days, report these screenings linked first to the routine child health examination codes (Z00.121, Z00.129). Codes...

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