Chronic care management (CCM) codes provide an opportunity to report time spent between face-to-face visits managing the care of patients with 2 or more chronic conditions.

There have been significant changes to CCM codes since the original complex CCM codes (9948799489) were introduced in 2013. Code 99488 was subsequently deleted. Codes 99490 and 99491 were added to allow reporting of CCM services with lower time and complexity thresholds. Current codes for reporting CCM services and examples are shown in Table 1.

With 3 different levels of CCM services and 4 potential codes, it is helpful to review the similarities and differences in the services represented by CCM codes.

All CCM services require the following:

See the prefatory text of your Current Procedural Terminology® reference for specific requirements of practices providing CCM services and activities that are included in CCM service time.

Differences in CCM...

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