Allergy skin testing is often used to help identify and plan treatment of a patient’s allergies. When reporting allergy skin testing, it is important to not only select the right codes but also the correct number of units for the tests performed. Individual code descriptors should guide reporting, as discussed later in this article. Following are 3 overarching instructions for all allergy testing:

Codes 95004 and 95024 represent testing to identify specific allergens that prompt an allergic response in the patient. Codes 95004 and 95024 include testing for an immediate result (within about 15–20 minutes after allergen administration). Code 95024 is often performed subsequent to 95004 on the same date.

The number of units reported for these tests is the number of allergenic extracts introduced (ie, number of sticks).

Code 95028 is used when testing for a delayed response within 24 to 72 hours. Report 95028 for completed testing (ie,...

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