For services provided on and after October 1, 2021, new diagnosis codes distinguish between self-harm with suicidal intent and other self-harm such as intentionally cutting or burning one’s self.

Code R45.88 is added to differentiate self-harm without suicidal intent (eg, self-cutting as a coping mechanism) from self-harm with suicidal intent.

In contrast, injury due to a suicide attempt is reported with a code for the injury(ies) treated, code T14.91X- (suicide attempt, seventh character A, D, or S required), and an external cause code for intentional self-harm.

The ED physician would report procedure codes for emergency medicine evaluation and management (eg, 99285) and any laceration repair, when performed.

Code Z91.5 (personal history of self-harm) is now a subcategory containing codes to differentiate history of suicidal behavior (Z91.51) from history of other self-harm (Z91.52).

History codes indicate that the patient no longer has a...

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