The January 1, 2021, implementation of the revised office and other outpatient evaluation and management (E/M) codes and guidelines is right around the corner! This article compiles frequently asked questions about the new guidelines and codes (9920299205, 9921299215). Questions and answers are broken into 2 categories to separately address questions about time-based coding and coding based on the level of medical decision-making (MDM).

1. Can I choose to code all office E/M services based on time?

Yes. There is no limitation on when time may be used to select office E/M codes for services provided in 2021. However, with the simplified method of determining MDM, it might be advantageous to determine the code supported by the documented elements of MDM. You can then choose the code that best reflects the service provided.

2. What activities can be included in the total time spent...

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