When pediatricians provide care for a patient with a fracture, coding is based on the care provided and the intent to provide ongoing care versus refer to another physician for care. Most codes for fracture care are assigned values that include 90 days of care following the date of initial fracture care. It is important to assign codes only for the services provided. Following are examples of how codes are assigned for fracture care:

Global fracture care is complete care by 1 physician or other qualified health care professional (QHP) (including care by physicians and other QHPs of the same group practice and specialty) from initial treatment through the global period assigned to the code for the fracture care (typically 90 days).

A primary care pediatrician sees an injured child (established patient) in the office. The pediatrician examines the injury, obtains radiographs of the right wrist, and diagnoses a Colles...

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