When a critically ill or injured neonate is transferred from one facility to another, physicians may question what codes are reported by the transferring and receiving physicians. Current Procedural Terminology® provides guidance for many transfer scenarios. Some of the pertinent guidelines are

Critical care interfacility transport face-to-face (99466, 99467) or supervisory services (99485, 99486) and initial neonatal critical care services (99468) may be reported by the same individual or individuals in the same group practice and same specialty when provided to a patient on the same day.

Face-to-face care of a critically ill or critically injured pediatric patient 24 months or younger by a physician during interfacility transport is reported with codes 99466 and 99467.

Face-to-face time begins when the physician or practitioner assumes primary responsibility for the patient at the referring hospital or facility and ends when the receiving...

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