No, it is not necessary for physicians or other qualified health care professionals (QHPs) to personally administer the vaccine/toxoid product (eg, by injection). The administration may be performed by clinical staff after the physician or QHP has provided counseling and obtained consent for immunization.

Codes 90460 and 90461 are reported when the physician or other QHP provides face-to-face counseling about the recommended immunizations to the patient (aged 18 years and younger) and family during the encounter that includes vaccine administration. Both the counseling and administration must take place on the same date. Counseling may take place at each encounter for immunization administration (ie, for initial and subsequent doses of the same vaccine/toxoid product).

For codes 90460 and 90461, documentation should include the physician’s or QHP’s counseling to the patient and parent or caregiver about the risks and benefits of immunization for each vaccine component recommended (include patient/parent concerns addressed...

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