The scenario for this You Code It! challenge presented a consultation with expectant parents for an identified problem of the fetus (ie, an enlarged bladder and bilateral dilated ureters). The patient for this service is the expectant mother whose management is affected by the identified problem of the fetus (eg, follow-up testing and delivery at a facility with resources that may be required for the care of the neonate). The following diagnosis code is reported for the encounters:

The first service provided is a consultation as evidenced by a request from another physician. An office consultation is reported based on the face-to-face time of service because the entire visit consisted of counseling the family. The 34 minutes spent in consultation support code 99242. Modifier 95 is appended to code 99242 to indicate the service was provided via real-time audiovisual communication technology.

During the public health emergency, many payers have...

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