As regionalization of neonatal care occurred with well-defined levels of care and specialization, the number of transports from one hospital to another increased. Specific codes for physician involvement with transports (both supervisory and direct face-to-face involvement) were needed. In the past, the accompanying physician used the code 99082 for “unusual travel.” In addition, the critical care hourly service codes 99291–99292 were reported. The new codes, 99289–99290, simplify the coding allocations.

When using the supervisory code, it is assumed that the physician will take responsibility for the transport, which is performed by a transport team with at least a resident, fellow, or neonatal nurse practitioner or advanced practice neonatal nurse. The team remains in 2-way communication with the physician and care is coordinated in all phases of the transport. The physician supervision can be reported with code 99298.

The new transport codes (99289–99290) are used to report the physician attendance and...

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