The following are questions that have recently come through the AAP FaxBack Coding Hotline. If you have questions that need to be answered, please call the hotline at 800/433-9016, ext 4022, or e-mail This is a free member service.

We had a child under observation at the hospital for possible ingestion of an antidepressant drug. The parent was not sure if the child had swallowed any of the drug. The child is fine and had no symptoms or signs of taking the drug. All laboratory results were normal. What diagnosis code should I use?

The admitting diagnosis should be 969.0, poisoning by antidepressant, and E854.0, accidental poisoning by antidepressant. The discharge diagnosis should be V71.89, observation for suspected condition.

A baby was seen in the office for an international adoption examination. The office does the mandatory blood work and would like to know what diagnosis...

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