The following are questions that have recently come through the AAP FaxBack Coding Hotline. If you have questions that need tobe answered, please call the hotline at 800/433-9016, ext 4022, or e-mail This is a free member service.

How should we code for neonatal acne?

If the neonate is younger than 28 days, report 778.8. Otherwise, 706.8 would be the appropriate code.

How do we code screening for celiac disease? A parent recently was diagnosed with this disease and we need to screen the children.

Use V18.5, family history of digestive disorders, and V77.9, special screening for other unspecified endocrine, metabolic, and immunity disorders.

Why can’t V72.0 be reported with the vision screening code (99173) when done during a well visit?

If the patient is having a visual or hearing screen as part of a routine health examination (V20.2), codes V72.0 and V72.1 cannot be...

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