A 6-year-old patient new to your practice receives his second hepatitis B vaccine and the intranasal influenza vaccine in conjunction with his preventive medicine visit. The physician conducts the vaccine counseling associated with both vaccines and documents the face-to-face discussion.

Only one first or one vaccine immunization code is reported. The second vaccine is reported with an each additional vaccine administration code. The diagnosis code V20.2, routine infant or child health check, is used as the primary diagnosis code for the E/M service and the vaccines and their administration. The secondary diagnosis codes linked to the vaccines and vaccine administration identify the specific disease for which the child is being inoculated. Remember, some payers may require V20.2 to be reported only with the preventive medicine visit and not with the vaccine codes. Never link codes V03–V06 to the E/M service.

A child is seen prior to traveling with parents...

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