Use the following table to select the level of service for each of the following scenarios.

A 1-year-old child (established patient) presents with fever, vomiting, and cough.

History. Fever peaked at 105°F last night; dry cough is worsening. The child is not eating well, is having occasional vomiting, and has had nasal congestion for 3 days. Mom was up all night trying to bring fever down—acetaminophen has not helped. There is past history of acute otitis media and bronchiolitis. Child is in child care and there is no smoking in the home.

Review of systems. Clear nasal drainage; no notice of any wheezing; no diarrhea; voiding well; no known drug allergies.

Physical examination. General—child’s temperature is 102°F; child is alert with no dehydration. Head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat—child has normal pupils and conjunctivae; left tympanic membrane is red and bulging with poor mobility and loss of light reflex; there...

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