How should we report the administration of oxygen via nasal cannula in our office while awaiting the patient’s transfer to the hospital?

The administration of oxygen is included in the evaluation and management (E/M) service and cannot be reported separately. You may report the one-time-use (ie, disposable) supplies that have been purchased by your practice and used on the patient. Code A4615 is reported for the nasal cannula and A4616 for the tubing (oxygen), per foot. The oxygen is reported with S8120 for oxygen contents, gaseous (1 unit equals 1 cubic foot), or S8121 for oxygen contents, liquid (1 unit equals 1 pound).

My partner treated and admitted my patient for febrile seizures at 2:00 am. I examined the patient at 7:00 am that same day, reviewed the results of the laboratory tests, met with the parents, and discussed the case with an infectious disease specialist. Can my partner and...

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