A 9-year-old was seen in the office by the admitting physician and subsequently admitted to the hospital. The physician calls in orders, then sees the child in the hospital later that day.

“Urinating frequently and wetting the bed.”

Nine-year-old boy who has been drinking excessive amounts of water for 2 weeks presents with associated increased voiding. His mother notes bedwetting for 1 week and weight loss over the past 2 weeks. He has also had several episodes of unexplained vomiting and onset of heavy breathing. His office urinalysis showed 4+ glucose and his blood glucose is 650 mg/dL. No fever, sore throat, congestion, or cough.

Without headaches, visual changes, significant abdominal pain, rashes, joint pain, or confusion. All other systems negative.

Negative for significant illness; no allergies; immunizations complete.

Negative for diabetes mellitus.

Lives with both parents; is a 4th-grade student who is well adjusted.

In mild respiratory distress.


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