A correction to this article has been published in the September 2008 issue. Please go to “Coding Clarification” to view the correction.

Myth or fact? Limited developmental testing is considered inherent to a preventive medicine visit.

Myth or fact? Only psychologists or psychiatrists can report developmental testing.

Myth or fact? Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 96110 (developmental testing, limited, with interpretation and report) may be reported for each instrument that is administered and completed (eg, by parent, teacher, social worker), scored, and interpreted with a written report on a given day of service.

Myth or fact? Developmental testing cannot be performed at the same visit as a problem-oriented visit.

The facts are

The facts are

As the facts demonstrate, developmental testing is not considered inherent to a preventive medicine visit. Any physician or qualified health care professional (eg, psychologist) of any specialty can report developmental testing. Furthermore, developmental...

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