The 2008 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) manual includes several revisions and new codes for reporting cardiovascular procedures.

New instructions are provided to clarify reporting guidelines for codes 93040–93042 (rhythm electrocardiogram [ECG], 1 to 3 leads).

CPT guidelines were added to clarify that codes 93040–93042 may only be reported when the test is prompted by an event or is used to assist with diagnosing the presence or absence of an arrhythmia. A specific order for the test must be documented and that documentation must support the medical necessity. A separate, written, signed report must be generated and retrievable. These codes may not be reported when reviewing telemetry monitor strips taken from a monitoring system. The intent of the revisions is to clarify that 1- to 3-lead ECG rhythm continuous monitoring may not be separately reported.

Codes 93040–93042 may be reported in addition to the hourly critical care services (99291–99292),...

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