The American Medical Association (AMA) has posted the list of corrections made to the 2009 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) manual. When the AMA notes any errata, they are posted on the AMA Web Site ( Please note the following corrections and make the appropriate revisions in your 2009 CPT manual.

(Do not report99465may be reported in conjunction with 99460, 99468, 99477.)

In the errata, revised parenthetical instructions below 99465 indicate that the listed services are appropriately reported in addition to 99465.

Do not report 43752 in conjunction with critical care codes 99291–99292; neonatal critical care codes 99468, 99469; pediatric critical care codes 99471, 9947299466–99476;initial neonatal intensive care service code99477; or low birth weight intensive care service codes 99478, 9947999478–99480.

Corrected instructions below code 43752 revise the list of codes that include code 43752 in their list of bundled...

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