Current Procedural Terminology code 99360 is often misunderstood and underreported. This code is intended for use by physicians who are requested by another physician to be on standby during a surgical procedure such as a cesarean or high-risk delivery. The service involves prolonged physician attendance without direct (face-to-face) patient contact. Guidelines for reporting code 99360 include the following:

Following is an example of when code 99360 might be reported:

The delivering physician asks the pediatrician to come to the hospital for the delivery of a high-risk neonate. After spending 40 minutes on standby and not providing any care to any other patient, the pediatrician is informed that the mother is being sent home. The pediatrician can report code 99360 with one unit of service for the time spent. The service would be documented in the mother's medical record and billed to the mother's insurance.

Tip:Don't confuse this service with...

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