Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) prolonged physician service codes are used to report time spent beyond the typical evaluation and management (E/M) service time. Although there are many occasions when prolonged care is provided, the services are seldom reported. The following CPT guidelines and summary of the reporting requirements may ease any fear of reporting the time spent in the provision of prolonged physician care.

There are 2 categories of codes—prolonged physician services that require direct (face-to-face) physician-patient contact, and prolonged E/M services that are provided without direct care prior to or after face-to-face care. The face-to-face prolonged physician services are further divided by the location in which the services are provided (office/outpatient vs inpatient).

Services provided in the physician office or other outpatient setting (eg, home, outpatient department, urgent care center)

Services provided in the inpatient hospital or nursing facility

Services provided in any location (eg, inpatient hospital, home, office)...

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