The American Medical Association (AMA) has identified the following errata in the 2009 International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) manual. Please note the following and make the appropriate corrections in your AMA 2009 ICD 9-CM book:

Note that this code does not require a fifth additional digit.

Delete the fifth-digit symbol. This is a valid 4-digit code.

Replace the word “obstruction” with “hemorrhage.”

0 without mention of obstruction hemorrhage

1 with mention of obstruction hemorrhage

Replace the “check fourth digit” symbol with a “check fifth digit” symbol.

Add the “check fifth digit” symbol to this code.

This is a valid 4-digit code. Delete the “check fifth digit” symbol.

Headache (784.0)

The codes for the specific types of tension headaches should be switched; code 339.11 describes episodic and code 339.12 describes chronic headaches.

Vaccinia (generalized) 999.0

In the Index to Diseases, “without vaccination 051.02


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