Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 99360 is used to report physician standby service, requiring prolonged physician attendance, each 30 minutes (eg, operative standby; standby for frozen section, cesarean/high-risk delivery, monitoring electroencephalogram). There are several criteria that must be followed when reporting this time-based service.

A pediatrician was requested by an obstetrician to stand by during a delivery. The pediatrician spends 45 minutes on the floor and is ready to provide services when called. No other patients are seen during this time. Following the uncomplicated delivery, which the pediatrician did not end up attending, the pediatrician examines the newborn and admits the baby to service.

Code 99360 with 1 unit of service is reported. The physician also reports code 99460 (initial hospital care for the evaluation and management of the normal newborn). Code 99360 may be reported with an initial hospital inpatient (99221–99223), initial neonatal intensive care (99477...

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