The introductory language has changed to incorporate serum and recombinant products.

Codes 9028190399 identify the immune  serum globulins, extracted from human blood; or recombinant immune globulin products created in a laboratory through genetic modification of human and/or animal proteins. Both are reported in addition to the administration codes 96365–96368, 96372, 96374, and 96375 as appropriate. Modifier 51 should not be reported with the immune globulin codes this section of product codes when performed with another procedure. The Immune serum or recombinant globulin products listed here include broad-spectrum and antiinfective immune globulins, antitoxins, and various isoantibodies, and monoclonal antibodies.

The descriptor for code 90378 is revised, and code 90379 has been deleted because the product is no longer manufactured or available.

The introductory guidelines of the Vaccines, Toxoids, section are changed to indicate that the term preservative-free (as defined in CPT codes 90655, 90656, and 90662...

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