Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) includes codes that are reported specifically for critical care transport services provided by a physician to a patient 24 months or younger.

A neonatologist accompanies the transport team to a rural hospital to transport a newborn with pulmonary hypertension and respiratory distress. The trip to the hospital takes 80 minutes. At arrival the neonatologist inserts an umbilical vein catheter (25 minutes spent). Another 55 minutes is spent on the floor and transferring the neonate to the van. The trip back to your facility is another 80 minutes. The total face-to-face time spent providing critical care is 160 minutes.

99466 x 1 unit

99467 x 3 units

Note that the time taken to place the umbilical vein catheter is not deducted from the total face-to-face time because it is a bundled service.

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