International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) is scheduled to be the official Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act diagnosis code set effective October 1, 2013. This is one of a series of articles that will focus on helping pediatricians make the transition more painless.

Chapter-specific guidelines are noted in Section 1.C.8.

Chapter-specific guidelines are noted in Section 1.C.10. The chapter includes 11 blocks.

When a respiratory condition is described as occurring in more than one site and is not specifically indexed, it should be classified to the lower anatomic site (eg, tracheobronchitis to bronchitis in J40).

Use an additional code, where applicable, to identify

Today is a good day for physicians to start documenting the specific type of asthma (eg, intermittent versus mild, moderate or severe persistent) in the medical record. Remember that although there are nonspecific codes in ICD-10-CM, practices are encouraged to use...

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