Does your practice perform laboratory testing in the office? Do you report Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes for laboratory tests and related services with confidence? Although pediatricians do not perform a myriad of laboratory procedures in their practices, many questions arise about how to select appropriate CPT codes.

The definitions in the Table may assist in understanding the descriptions of the laboratory codes (80000–89398).

1. When looking for the appropriate code for a laboratory test, first search for the specific analyte. If there is not a code with a specific analyte, look for the method of testing (eg, automated, by immunoassay).

Some tests are found by analyte but also require more specific reporting based on the method of testing. For example, CPT codes for glucose tests are located by the specific analyte (glucose), then by the method of testing (with or without reagent strip).

Code 81025...

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