With each update of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®), the American Medical Association (AMA) provides, as necessary, a corrections document for CPT errata. If you have not already accessed the AMA Web site (www.ama-assn.org) to review the corrections to CPT 2011, we want to point out a few that you should make note of in your CPT 2011 book.

The parenthetical note following code 99356 is changed to remove the subsequent observation codes (99224–99226) from the range of codes for which prolonged physician services in the inpatient setting can be used. Remember that observation care services are not provided to hospital inpatients.

CPT code 90654 (influenza virus vaccine, split virus, preservative-free, for intradermal use) became effective on January 1, 2011. The code will appear in CPT 2012. Codes 90663 (influenza virus vaccine, pandemic formulation, H1N1) and 90470 (H1N1 immunization administration [intramuscular, intranasal], including...

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