We tried to remove a foreign body from a child's nasal passage. We got a large portion of it but had to refer her to an ear, nose, and throat specialist because we were unable to complete the procedure. Can we report Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 30300 with modifier 52?

While you may report CPT code 30300 (removal foreign body, intranasal; office-type procedure), do not append modifier 52 (reduced services) because the procedure was performed and was not reduced.

Is code 10120 used to report the incision and removal of a subcutaneous foreign body from any area of the body?

No. CPT code 10120 is a nonspecific code that is used when a more specific code is not available. If a more specific code exists to describe the incision and removal of a foreign body from a particular area or body part, the more specific code should be reported....

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