Jane is a 3,900-g neonate delivered by cesarean delivery at 37 weeks' gestation. Mother is diabetic, but maternal glucose control was well maintained during pregnancy.


John, a 36-hour-old 4.8-kg neonate of a diabetic mother, is admitted to the special care nursery immediately following birth for monitoring of serum glucose. Since admission he has had several glucose concentrations below 40 mg/dL and his physician has begun parenteral glucose, which has now been increased to a glucose infusion rate (GIR) of 11 mg/kg/min. His glucose has been between 60 and 70 mg/dL for the past 8 hours. His respiratory status is normal, and his vital signs have been normal on routine monitoring. His serum calcium concentrations have been normal.

Neonate of a diabetic mother with hypoglycemia requiring significant glucose infusions. Most recent serum glucose concentrations have been satisfactory. Remainder of examination is normal. Continue present therapy.

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