A 6-year-old is seen in the office after helping her mother cook and sustaining a burn on her right thumb and first finger of her right hand. Both areas are red, blistered, and painful. Following examination by the physician, the thumb and finger are treated with a topical cream and bandaged.

A 14-year-old complaining of a “severe” sunburn on her shoulders is seen by a physician. There is redness and tenderness but no blistering. The physician orders over-the-counter treatment for the first-degree burn.

What Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code will you report?

A. An evaluation and management (E/M) service (99201–99215) based on the level of history, physical examination, and medical decision-making performed and documented

B. Burn care (16000–16025)

C. An E/M service and burn care

Most primary care pediatricians will report A, an E/M service. However, the most appropriate service to report in these...

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